10 Reasons why to coat your bicycle.

  1. Protect your bike from the elements

  2. Seamless application by certified installers

  3. Self-cleaning & easy maintenance

  4. Long lasting hydrophobic bicycle surface

  5. Less need of chemicals and cleaning supplies

  6. Eco-friendly respecting your cycling environment

  7. Saving time and energy

  8. Scratch, water, bug, UV, ice, salt, heat an chemical resilient

  9. No stress hitting muddy trails or gravel roads

  10. Extend your paint job life expectancy and resale value

Jonathan S. Pro Triathlete with a care free bike.

Jonathan S. Pro Triathlete with a care free bike.

10 Reasons to become a protector.

  1. New service standard to offer to your customers

  2. Follow the future trend of aerospace and car industry

  3. Set yourself aside from your competitors

  4. Certified dealer training and safety program

  5. No online sales, unique dealer service

  6. Let customers talk and share about your business

  7. Potential off-season business: new models, CX, MTB, winter corrosion protection...

  8. Cost and energy saving for your bike technician

  9. Eco friendly, safe indoor application

  10. Protect the value of your rental fleet and showroom bikes