A bikes life is rough,
it needs a little armor.


Bicycle Armor is exactly what you've been looking for.
All you need to protect your investment.


Our super-hydrophobic, scratch resistant, high gloss, Bicycle Armor coatings are a part of a highly advanced ceramic coating system. This product was created to conquer the growing surface protection needs of the cycling industry.  The better the bicycles get - the more we want to protect them from the elements.

I am amazed at what these products can accomplish.
— John Silvia, ProCycles
It’s crazy how the mud drips right off the frame. It doesn’t even stick to it.
— Shane Braley, Stuart, FL
Wow, I’ve never seen that bike look so shiny and new! I’m actually shocked.
— Kevin B, Mountain Biker
These products will spark a revolution and change the way we care for our bikes forever.
— Kristen A, Cleaning Supply Sales

Live the armored life...