The life of a bicycle is rough,
it needs ARMOR.

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Bicycle Armor is World’s First
Bicycle Specific Industrial 9H Ceramic Nano Coating!


Bicycle Armor is the first permanent 9H Ceramic nano coating, specifically developed for the bicycle industry.
The coating layer protects your bicycle from the elements, is extreme hydrophobic, scratch resilient. No chemical smell, non-spraying application, perfectly adapted to integrate into an existing work space. Our ceramic coatings will be the perfect match for all types and models, glossy, or matte. The multi-layer coating system is 3x harder than your paint job/clear-coat. Therefore, maintaining that “brand new” look for years to come.


Rinse & Ride

Experience minimal maintenance and enjoy maximum ride time!

Bicycle Armor Products

Ceramic Coating Options

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Infantry Coating

  • Bike cleaning

  • Bike detailing

  • Bike prepping

  • 1 layer of ID Coating

  • 1 layer of AD Coating

  • 3 year warranty

Cavalry Coating

  • Bike cleaning

  • Bike detailing

  • Bike prepping

  • 1 layer of CD Coating

  • 1 layer of AD Coating

  • 6 year warranty

Wheel Coating

  • Wheel cleaning

  • Wheel detailing

  • Wheel prepping

  • 1 layer of ID or CD Coating

  • 1 layer of AD Coating


Before Bicycle Armor


After Bicycle Armor


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RECENT: 2019 March: Europe Launch at Bike Motion
Dealers are starting to offer Bicycle Armor as a new service in the USA, France, Belgium, Netherlands, and many more around the World!

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“Stressing about getting your bike wet or dirty has no place in the enjoyment of our sport.”

Roel Vanmuysen