The life of a bicycle is rough,
it needs some armor.

Bicycle Armor is World’s first bicycle specific industrial 9H ceramic nano coating.


Our super-hydrophobic, 9H scratch resilient, Bicycle Armor coatings are part of a highly advanced ceramic coating system. Bicycle Armor was developed in 2015 to meet the growing surface protection needs of the cycling industry.  Offering all round permanent protection for racers to commutators using glossy or matte bikes. The better the bicycles get - the more we want to protect them from the elements.


β€œStressing about getting your bike wet or dirty has no place in the enjoyment of our sport.”

Roel Vanmuysen

How will Bicycle Armor serve you?

Bicycle Armor is a product truly protective and serving.

As a racer your bike, your kit, your form and your confidence add to your performance. You and your bike need to be in top condition to perform at your personal best.

As a technician, you are prepping team bikes before dawn. By the time dusk comes around you are expected to have the full fleet in perfect condition. Day after day in tours you push yourself to cover every detail, to make these team bikes shine and perform for the racers, for the sponsors, for the supporters and the media. Bicycle Armor saves you time, simplifies the bicycle cleaning and maintenance process. Be prepared, for the positive comments are coming your way.

As a cyclist family, you want to enjoy family time, nature and outdoors. No stress, Bicycle Armor keeps the good feeling going after your ride. In just a few minutes and one simple action your bikes is ready to shine for your next ride. The easy cleaning and long lasting protection allow you and your family to enjoy more time riding. More so, your family fleet of bicycles will keep its resale value.

As a commuter, your efficient and ecologic lifestyle becomes our concern. Bicycle Armor is a non solvent, Eco-coating. Cleaning your ceramic coated bike means less water usage and less cleaning chemicals. You deserve respect and rewarding, while now you and your bike join the battle against the elements.

As a professional shop owner, you strive for 100% customer satisfaction, by making your shop the perfect blend of the best service and newest technology on the market . Bicycle Armor is the perfect partner to achieve these goals. Enjoy the positive reviews to follow from the eye catching bikes rolling out your store.

Bicycle Armor Products

Live the armored life...

Ceramic Coating Options

Contact your local bicycle store or protector for more details

5 Year Coating

  • Bike cleaning

  • Bike detailing

  • Bike prepping

  • 1 layer of ID Coating

  • 1 layer of AD Coating

  • 3 year warranty

10 Year Coating

  • Bike cleaning

  • Bike detailing

  • Bike prepping

  • 1 layer of CD Coating

  • 1 layer of AD Coating

  • 6 year warranty

Wheels Coating

  • Wheel cleaning

  • Wheel detailing

  • Wheel prepping

  • 1 layer of ID or CD Coating

  • 1 layer of AD Coating

  • 3 year warranty


2019 March: Europe Launch at Bike Motion
Dealers are starting to offer Bicycle Armor as a new service in France, Belgium, Netherlands…

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BA European Launch.jpg