The life of a bicycle is rough,
it needs some armor.


Bicycle Armor is Worlds first bicycle specific industrial 9H ceramic nano coating.


Our super-hydrophobic, scratch resilient, high gloss, Bicycle Armor coatings are a part of a highly advanced ceramic coating system. This product was created in 2015 to conquer the growing surface protection needs of the cycling industry.  The better the bicycles get - the more we want to protect them from the elements.


Bicycle Armor is a 9H ceramic nano coating for bicycles.
Ceramic coatings are the new industry standard for surface protection. They are all different depending on what the goal is for the coating. Ten years ago, Boeing began studies on the properties of ceramic coatings. The result: Boeing had to clean their airplanes every 26 weeks instead of every 6 weeks. The self-cleaning effect was Boeing’s main reason to apply these coatings to their aircraft's. Bug and dirt build up on an airplane make it less aerodynamic thus potentially consuming higher amounts of fuel.

Fast forward to the bicycle industry…

Bicycle Armor makes bicycle cleaning easy.
In 2016 we created the first bicycle specific ceramic nano coating. You probably wonder, what makes it bicycle specific and what does do for my bike? 

What it does for your bike is simple and complicated all at the same time. These coatings are 3x harder than the paint on your bicycle. They fill in the paint crevices and bond with the frame, making the surface slicker, harder and more protected than ever before. For years to come it will fight the elements for you and keep your bike cleaner and in better condition than when it was brand new. It is a resilient layer that literally bounces the dirt, snow, bugs, chemicals, salt, sweat, and UV rays right off… It is not only about easily cleaning your bike, but also offering a peace of mind when you hint that mud pool or gravel road. Stressing about getting your bike wet or dirty has no place in the enjoyment of our sport.

Bicycle Armor is biodegradable and indoor application is safe.
We noticed quickly that most of the chemical ceramic coatings out there are not made for the bicycle industry. Competitive chemical coatings could be heavily toxic and need to be applied with breathing masks, gloves, and eye protection. Most other brands cannot be applied inside a bike shop.

Bicycle Armor offers a USA made, biodegradable product. This way you can easily use our products in small mechanic areas.

Bicycle Armor fail proof application process.
Some ceramic coatings are truly permanent. There are coatings out there that are heavier and extremely difficult to apply. These coatings are meant for a lifetime, but when mistakes are made, using a wet sand to correct them seems like a heavy task.  As with anything of importance and difficulty mistakes will happen.

Bicycle Armor is a very forgiving coating. It can be adjusted and easily reapplied.
We offer a 3 or 10-year warranty depending on the products and layers applied. If you choose to extend those years even longer, it’s simply a matter of applying even more layers of the coating. By choosing 3 or 10 years we are able to keep the application cost affordable for customers. Talk to your installer if you want extra coating layers.

Bicycle Armor partners are trained specialists.
The application process of a 9H coating is precise and the applicator does need an eye for detail. Some brands will offer a 6H coating that you can try at home. Many of these installations go completely south from the beginning. Coatings with very short curing times and/or buffing times are not ideal for the bicycle industry.

6H coatings don’t offer the protection and durability that bicycles need. 9H coatings are more difficult to apply than an at home installation, but of all the professional applications available ours is the easiest. Although it does still require training and safety education. This is why we only sell our products to trained specialists and installers.

Bicycle Armor has a longer, more flexible curing time. One that works perfect for our industry.
Bicycle stores and installers are living in different climates and conditions all over the world, with this in mind our products offer more time to adjust and adapt the coating to the complex shape of a bicycle frame. Our training and education keeps these factors in mind so the installer can offer a spotless installation every time.

A new bike store service comes with education
Most of the ceramic coating companies will offer you a bottle with little to no instructions.
There are no commercial approaches or guidance on how to sell coatings to your customers. The main approach from most of these companies is “try it and see what happens.” Something most shop owners wouldn’t risk on a customers ten thousand dollar bicycle.

Bicycle Armor has figured out a lasting and affordable approach for both you and your customers. We help you every step of the way from training and safety education to pricing and marketing strategies. We understand that this is a new service for your store and we’re excited to be a part of the long term journey we’re starting together. Our starting packages are created for a total of approximately 20 bikes. It includes everything you need to start protecting your customers investment. Later on, products can be purchased individually for easy and flexible resupply. We are available extended hours on nights and weekends for when you are still working hard to meet customer deadlines. We have great industry specific pricing structures and strategies to help sell your coating services to your area.

Testing and showing products
Bicycle Armor is a completely new product in the bicycle industry and we are continuously adding content and proof of the incredible protection benefit it provides. 

Together with one of the best universities of the country we will be testing many factors on carbon fiber, aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. More testing and surprising studies are in the works. Keep checking in on Facebook and our website for continuous updates.

I am amazed at what these products can accomplish.
— John Silvia, ProCycles
It’s crazy how the mud drips right off the frame. It doesn’t even stick to it.
— Shane Braley, Stuart, FL
Wow, I’ve never seen that bike look so shiny and new! I’m actually shocked.
— Kevin B, Mountain Biker
These products will spark a revolution and change the way we care for our bikes forever.
— Kristen A, Cleaning Supply Sales

Live the armored life...

Ceramic Coating Options

3 Year Coating

  • Bike cleaning

  • Bike detailing

  • Bike prepping

  • 1 layer of ID Coating

  • 1 layer of AD Coating

10 Year Coating

  • Bike cleaning

  • Bike detailing

  • Bike prepping

  • 1 layer of CD Coating

  • 1 layer of AD Coating

Wheels Coating

  • Wheel cleaning

  • Wheel detailing

  • Wheel prepping

  • 1 layer of ID or CD Coating

  • 1 layer of AD Coating