A perfect finish starts with the will for perfection.


We are looking for distributors with a great network and knowledge about their territory.
Bicycle detailing is a new component to our industry with a proven track record.
Customers want their investment in these high tech marvels protected.
Bicycle Armor offers a complete package for distributors to provide this service.

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Distributors are the link between the dealers and the manufacturers of a product. As an authorized distributor you'll usually receive direct training from the manufacturer on how to use its product, and have contractual authorization to sell its products – sometimes with exclusive rights to sell the product in a particular region. This gives your customers the peace of mind knowing that they are working with a company with direct access to the manufacturer.


  • Established office / warehouse.

  • You have an established network in your territory.

  • You are responsible for the education or your dealers.

  • You are motivated to expand your dealer network.

  • Bicycles are coated by our education and instructions.

Let’s protect around the world!

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