“I’ve been in many cyclocross races when it’s muddy and the bike gets so heavy that I have trouble lifting it over the barriers and running with it. Even when I don’t notice that it is heavier, having a lot of mud stuck to my bike slows me down from the weight. I’m so happy to have Bicycle Armor protecting my bikes and helping the mud just slide off. With Bicycle Armor, the difference in a muddy race is clearly noticeable.”
-Elle Anderson, cyclocross pro Milwaukee - Alphamotorhomes Team 
Elle Anderson Racing


“My personal experience on the Bicycle Armor coating is outstanding Roel. Our clients are very satisfied and like the product.”
Abraham S.
Signature Cycles – Greenwich, CT
Sent: Friday, August 24, 2018 



“Wow, I’ve never seen that bike look so shiny and new! I’m actually shocked.”



"As a cyclocross mechanic, I notice a significant difference with Bicycle Armor when I'm cleaning the bikes. If it's a really heavy day with lots of mud on course, the bike washes off much faster with the pressure washer. That means that I spend less time washing the bike which can make all the difference when I'm supporting a racer on-course who may need to change bikes in half a lap."

- Niels M., pro mechanic 



“Mijn vader is super blij dat mijn fiets behandeld is met Bicycle Armor. Normaal is hij lang bezig met het poetsen van mijn fiets, maar nu is dit veel vlotter gedaan. Het vuil en modder blijft minder goed aan mijn fiets hangen tijdens de wedstrijd en komt veel makkelijker los. En ik vind het super hoe het zwart van mijn fiets blinkt! Niets dan lof dus💪👍.” Tibo-9jaar-Belgium

Guibole et Guidon

“Parce qu’un beau vélo propre doit le rester longtemps! 😍
Un nouveau service arrive chez Guibole & Guidon...
Nous sommes les premiers en Europe à importer ces produits directement des États-Unis! 😎”

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