About The Founder


Bicycle Armor was launched in 2017 by Roel Vanmuysen. As a Belgian, living in the United States for over a decade, cycling has been in his blood. A European pro cyclist turned American entrepreneur, he founded BelgiumBike - an import and distribution company that represents Belgian cycling products in the US.

His professional approach, passion, and pushing the limits allowed him to enter in the US cycling market. By networking with all levels in the industry, visiting hundreds of shops, and presenting on national and international cycling events he learned more about the US cycling industry and community that he ever thought possible.

Soon owners in nearly 50 states had touched and tested the quality and craftsmanship of Belgium’s finest cutting-edge cycling products.

Roel delivered constant feedback to the manufacturers in Belgium, while in the US, with a solid message that spoke to true love of quality products. With consistency and hard work he earned the trust of the industry and its consumers. 

He approached the market and kept up with trends by attending events and trade shows around the country. Events like Interbike in Las Vegas, IronMan triathlons, local races in communities nation-wide, to UCI World championships.

“After 15 years in the industry experiencing the use and development of phenomenal cycling products, I noticed that technology kept advancing, but the way to protect it didn’t,” Vanmuysen said, “How can we protect our expensive ‘wingman’ in our passion called cycling?”

About The Company

Bicycle Armor is a 9H non solvent ceramic nano coating specifically made to protect your bicycle.

The application and timing are very precise and demand a thorough preparation and eye for detail, therefor exclusively offered by educated, professional installers and bicycle shops.

During application the nano-components of the coating bond literally with the existing paint job, creating a new, almost invisible, permanent layer of protection. 9H means 3 x harder and smoother than the existing paint layer. The new coating layer will protect the bicycle for years.

The unique combination of the different Bicycle Armor coating layers, deliver an intense, deep gloss or a full rich matte look. More so, it creates technological and functional protection. Bicycle Armor is scratch resilient, water and dirt repellent and protects against most chemicals, UV, bugs, salt and sweat.

Bicycle Armor connects with the environmental awareness. Bike washing will now use less water, chemicals and polishes, thus becoming much more profitable on short and longterm use. In addition a lot of time and energy is saved. With a Bicycle Armor coated bike, the cyclist can relax and enjoy the muddy rides, off road adventures or the daily commute.

Bicycle Armor is Made in the USA, is VOC free and biological degradable, non toxic, non spraying and safe to use indoors in a small workspace.

Since January 2019 our ceramic coatings are also available across Europe and more locations Worldwide will follow soon.

With Bicycle Armor, Roel Vanmuysen creates a new service standard for the professional Dealer. With this innovative product line Roel answers to the present and future challenges that cyclists, commuters, racers, team mechanics and the Industry face. His drive and focus is to find durable solutions for extra comfort, for more time and energy to enjoy riding and for succes as individual, team, bicycle shop and bicycle sponsor.