A perfect finish starts with the will for perfection.


We are looking for installers that have a unique eye for detail.
Bicycle detailing is a new component to our industry with a proven track record.
Customers want their investment in these high tech marvels protected.
Bicycle Armor offers a complete package for installers to provide this service.

Bicycle Armor Installer


The first step is to become an Installer by our education program. In order to establish an installer relationship with Bicycle Armor, we will need the EIN of your business you wish to install under. You may mail, fax, or email it to us.


  • You have a professional setup for working remote or inside.

  • You are a bicycle mechanic with an eye for detail.

  • Only you apply coatings.

  • Bicycles are coated in a clean environment.

  • Bicycles are coated with our education and instructions.

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