A perfect finish starts with the will for perfection.


We are looking for dealers that have a unique eye for detail. Store owners that want to excel in customer service. A place where bicycle and customer come first.
Bicycle detailing is a new component to our industry with a proven track record.
Customers want their investment in these high tech marvels protected.
Bicycle Armor offers a complete package for dealers to provide this service.



The first step is to Become a Dealer. In order to establish a dealer account with Bicycle Armor, we will need a copy of your state issued resale license or other proof of resale. You may mail, or email it to us. Additionally if you have a scanned image, you may attach it to the Dealer Application form below.


  • Established location.

  • You or one employee is a bicycle mechanic.

  • Only employees with a training certificate are allowed to apply coatings.

  • Bicycles are coated in a clean environment.

  • Bicycles are coated by our education and instructions.

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